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Communicate-ed is a company specialising in the training of education professionals who work in the area of special needs.


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We offer a range of special educational needs training courses, particularly those dealing with Examination Access Arrangements, all of which are available ONLINE.

We also offer face to face training in venues round the country. Our expert course tutors are available to run tailor-made courses for schools, colleges, local authorities or support services.

Here at Communicate-ed we are passionate about:

  • Providing practical, value-for money, relevant training for education professionals involved in the area of Special Needs
  • Raising funds for charity projects which support educational opportunities, particularly for those caught in poverty in the UK and overseas. To date we have been able to donate over £500,000.

Our reputation has been built upon our courses dealing with Examination Access Arrangements. We have a range of courses which cover a variety of roles at Secondary School and Further Education level. These include a brief overview for general staff, training for Teaching Assistants acting as Readers and Scribes, Invigilators overseeing exams, SENCos and Examination Officers organising support during the exam period, as well as Specialist Teachers and Educational Psychologists assessing students. Our training for Oral Language Modifiers is run jointly with the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors and offers accreditation for successful delegates.

However, Communicate-ed also run courses on a wide variety of subjects related to the support of students with special educational needs including Dyslexia, Asperger Syndrome, AD(H)D, Dyscalculia and Behavioural Difficulties.

We offer training for Specialist Teachers working in the area of assessment including courses recognised by the SpLD Assessment Standards Committee for core CDP when updating SpLD Assessment Practising Certificates.

If you have any questions please contact us at admin@communicate-ed.org.uk or telephone Debbie Pollard on 0845 331 1492

Invigilator and Access Arrangements Training *Special Offer* – Click here for further details

Up to £50 discount when you use our 3 online courses to train an unlimited number of invigilators, centre staff who support access arrangements, and subject teachers.

Choose from these 3 offers:

  • Book 1 course and get 10% off the prices listed below
  • Book any 2 courses for the same 10 day period for £75 (a discount of £20-£35)
  • Book all 3 courses for the same 10 day period for £90 (a discount of £65)

The 3 courses are:

  • Training for Adults acting as Readers, Scribes etc in Exams, and Invigilators for Access Arrangements (£60) Click here for more details on this course.
  • Training for Invigilators in Exams for General Qualifications (£50) Click here for more details on this course.
  • An Overview of Access Arrangements for Centre Staff (£45) Click here for more details on this course.

NEW Training Course for Invigilators

The JCQ regulations state: ‘A training session should be held for new invigilators, with an update meeting each year for the existing invigilation team so that they are aware of any changes. Centres should make sure that invigilators know what is expected of them’.

Communicate-ed has developed an online training course for invigilators in exams.

  • £50 Early Bird Rate/ £60 Standard Rate (for an unlimited number of staff)

For further information click here.